Abu Dhabi Grand Prix; the Perfect Curtain Downer for the 2015 F1 Season

How fast the year has moved! If you are an avid Formula One enthusiast you will concur that indeed this was the perfect racing calendar. The championship might have been won back in Austin by Hamilton but there are millions of reasons to look ahead for the ever tantalizing Abu Dhabi 2015 GP on November 29th.

A Short History

If you are a racing buff, you absolutely love your F1 facts. Indeed, nothing makes watching a Formula 1 race as exciting as having the right details.  The Abu Dhabi GP takes place on the 5.55-kilometre Yas Marina Circuit which is considered one of the sleekest tracks among the F1 racing track destinations. It was designed by none other than the racing track designing maestro Hermann Tilke.

The race is in its 7th year in the country since the inaugural race back in 2009.  One interesting fact about the race is that it was the first ever day-night race in the F1 calendar. It was won by Sebastian Vettel who also holds the record for most wins with three titles. The 2014 race was an exciting yet tense affair, as both Lewis Hamilton and his teammate Nico Rosberg could have taken the title. Hamilton won the race hands down to also claim the 2014 Driver’s championship title.

Why the Abu Dhabi 2015 is creating a Buzz

You might presume that with the cars’ and drivers’ championship already won, there is nothing more to work for.  You are wrong. In fact, there is everything to fight. You see Rosberg has out-qualified Hamilton both in Mexico and Brazil, and gone on to win the races comfortably.

Everyone wants to see whether the German has finally unraveled Hamilton’s secret and there is no better place to prove this than on the amazing Yas Marina Circuit. There are overtaking chances and with Hamilton declaring he doesn’t like losing, it will be all systems go.

But there is more to the race if you consider the barbs the two drivers have traded. Already Rosberg has said the Briton likes making excuses when he loses while Hamilton says Mercedes is now treating the German differently in order to appease him.  Whatever the case, Abu Dhabi 2015 will be exciting considering that other drivers want to prove their worth.

Indeed the track provides the best chance to have a glimpse of next year’s champion. Boasting top speeds of 320 km/h with 9 right turns and 12 left turns, the scenic track provides breathtaking action and you can bet that come the weekend, there will be unforgettable stunts on the tarmac.

The close ending GP is also an ideal way to start your holiday because it provides an array of off-field activities during the weekend. From fantastic after parties featuring 50 Cents, Blur, Florence and the Machine and Akon to exquisite dining packages, Abu Dhabi offers everything for everyone.

During the race you have the best opportunity to watch your favourite driver on the track. In fact, the grandstands are covered to protect you from the scorching desert sun.

There are also amazing chances to meet your idols in the after parties as they let loose after the strenuous racing on the track. You still have time to order your Abu Dhabi GP tickets. There is no better way to spend the weekend!